Amma pregnancy tracker improves user retention by +12% with AI push notifications

+12% user retention increase
+6% ARPU improvement
+5% more paid subscription conversions

The Challenge

amma pregnancy tracker offers its users a comprehensive suite of features to:

  • Monitor their pregnancy journey
  • Baby movements
  • Tummy growth
  • Weight gain

amma pregnancy tracker’s primary feature is to deliver actual and relevant content to its users daily. And before partnering with nGrow, customer engagement at was managed by a member of the product team. Because the team had to manage all communication campaigns (like push notifications) manually, things were slow and cumbersome. Additionally, the existing system lacked visibility and analytics.

Another challenge quickly uncovered during the initial communication strategy audit was push notification frequency. In conjunction with broad segmentation, it caused increased user churn: messages would be sent too often and contained irrelevant, generic or repetitive texts.

Additionally, a part of amma pregnancy tracker monetization came from the B2B model: users were redirected to external partners via promos. Therefore, needed reliable KPIs to measure push channel efficiency and track every step of the user funnel.

To solve these problems, started to look for a solution. Two main requirements were cost efficiency (due to the app’s large MAU) and easy integration (so that it causes minimum interruptions) - ideally with no SDK.

So what next?

nGrow was a great match: no SDK installation within one week, and cost-efficient at scale. Push notifications were streamlined, and user funnels expanded from 3 to 9 segments (for more targeted and effective communication), and push copies were rebuilt entirely for more contextual and relevant content that delivers value for users

amma pregnancy tracker is available in a free version and a full-featured premium subscription. New users see a soft paywall with a Free Trial offer - this is a classic subscription product funnel. A significant part of users expectedly don’t convert and revert to the free version, or drop off from the app.

Push notifications play a pivotal role in this case: they help guide new users through the funnel, onboard and educate them about key app features, new releases, or benefits of the premium subscription.

This ultimately helps build more value and trust for app users, improving product conversions and user retention.

The Strategy

The ultimate goal was to incentivize new users to explore premium features and sign up for the Free Trial, and encourage Free Trial users to purchase a subscription. In addition, inactive users started receiving relevant discounts, promos and reminders to return to the app.

  • AI push copy generator allows the quick creation of hundreds of new engaging texts based on app reviews, competitor analysis and internal best practices. A human proofreader then validates all copies for accuracy.
  • ML engine uses a multi-armed bandits algorithm, which allows simultaneous testing of all push text variations and sorting them according to their efficiency.
  • nGrow automatically identifies things like time zone, device language and best time of engagement, which significantly improves campaign results.
This comprehensive approach allows to deliver more personalized push notifications at the most convenient time for each user

A high automation level also reduces manual tasks before the production launch to:

  • defining campaign segmentation
  • adding pre-generated push copies for each campaign
  • specifying Control Group settings of the experiment
  • triggering a test push delivery to ensure everything works as planned

As a part of the Free Trial, our Customer Success team analyzed amma pregnancy tracker push campaigns and identified three growth areas: more granular segmentation, push content refresh and experimentation with communication frequency.

Once the audience had been segmented, push copies ready and localized in English, Spanish and Portuguese, we picked key product events for tracking & analytics and kicked off the push campaigns.

Free trial period lasts 30 days since the first push delivery. Within this period, nGrow ML gathers enough statistical data to make accurate predictions for the best engagement time, understand optimum push frequency, and optimize the content based on relevancy for each user group.

As a result of the first month, we can see a clear dynamic of push campaign efficiency for each segment, push copy CTRs, and statistically significant results for key metrics (i.e. Retention, Conversions into a Purchase).


Across 9 segments

Daily retention across iOS and Android increased by +12%. By continually testing and refining push notification content, ensured that their users received more timely, relevant, and engaging messages throughout their pregnancy journey, ultimately driving positive outcomes for both the app and its users.

Eliminating redundancies: streamlined their marketing communication campaigns, speeded up hypotheses A/B testing, and considerably improved push channel efficiency. The team can now entirely focus on more strategic decision-making rather than operational work with user engagement.

Improved decision-making. By running and continuously analyzing customer engagement campaigns at scale with nGrow, team got a deeper understanding of their user base, customer preferences, and their behavioural patterns in responding to communication.

This has further allowed them to evaluate the prospect of entering new regions and understand how to engage with users more efficiently by adapting the current workflow and measuring the results.