Improve app ARPU with AI push notifications

First no SDK user engagement platform for your app

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Most powerful push notifications
 sender with no-SDK

Improve paying users ARPU

Best user-centric CRM mechanics combined with AI to drive your ARPU and Retention

Improve App Onboarding

Create AI-driven push campaigns specifically for each step of user journey Boost subscriptions, in-app purchases or ad impressions

Segment with unlimited complexity

Full transparency to mobile analytics or attribution system means no limit on the number of events or parameters

Retain churned users with smart push

Deep Learning models for maximum efficiency for each push notification delivery. Optimize time, frequency, language, asset, image


Automated A/B testing

Multi-armed bandits* dynamically shifts focus on your most efficient messages in real time.

Optimized delivery time

Smart time and frequency optimisation for each user to increase response.

Push copywriting

Hundreds of engaging, localized push texts for your app. Built by industry experts.

Powerful Segmentation

Pick any event or user property from your mobile analytics for granular targeting.

Incremental Reporting

Measure and analyze the actual impact of push campaigns on your app.

Use your mobile analytcs data
combined with AI to better app LTV


Virus Hunter

AdMob earnings +18%


ROI pushes x20

Modern Warships

ARPU +27%


Retention +24%


Retention +26%
Food & Drink


Retention +25%
Food & Drink

Food Rocket

Retention +18%


Retention +15%
Food & Drink

Yalla Market

Orders per user +18%

Tallest Tree

Ad Impressions +36%


Retention +20%



Food & Drink
Retention +33%
7 day Retention +36%
+22% GMV

Skyrocketing +33% Retention with Al-Push Notifications

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Modern Warships

PvP, Action
Revenue +27%
7 day Retention +34%

How Modern Warships drive +47% Revenue with AI-driven push notifications

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Retention +27%
7 day retention +34%

How we improved product funnel and increased Retention by +27%

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Retention +26%
Conversions +46%

How AI-powered mobile push notifications accelerate Qure's growth

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ROI 20x
Revenue +32%
LTV +27%

ROI and Revenue in 3 weeks

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Tallest Tree

Add impression per user +22%
Better weekly growth +18%

Scale ad-impressions in hypercausal games to +30% with push notifications

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Up to 100K subscribers
/ month

Powerful platform to help your app grow.

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Free support via email
Basic analytics on CTRs, Send and Open
Unlimited segmentation
Automated A/B testing
Intelligent, time optimised delivery
No-SDK integration


Up to 500K subscribers
/ month

Core features for robust push notifications campaigns at a larger scale.

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Business support via Slack (weekdays)
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Core features for robust push notifications campaigns at a larger scale.

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What our clients say

Andy D, CTO

Excellent push SaaS for apps with large user volumes

Really fast integration, custom push texts the guys create for our apps, automated campaigns, deliveries and scheduling. This was crucial because we run several apps with 10M+ total active users, cost ...

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Denis K, CPO

Intelligent platform for customer engagement

Ngrow is the best tool we used for user engagement. ML makes our work with push notifications extremely easy, yet it’s very powerful. We seriously improved our user retention and order conversions and at the same time reduced 80% of manual work.

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Igor S, CPO

Excellent tool for automating mobile push notifications

Very high level of automation compared to all other products we've tried. Fast installation, good quality of support and unlimited smart A/B tests. Push texts copywriting is a great value add.

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We have 2 pricing models:

MAU-based (monthly active users)
You can independently calculate the cost of our service using the calculator on our website.

Revenue Share
For apps with over 100,000 MAU.

We only operate on top of analytical platforms. The most common option is a connection through Firebase. We are currently integrated with Amplitude. Integration with Adjust, AppsFlyer, Mixpannel, One Signal, PushWoosh and Braze will be available soon.

To work with Firebase, it needs to be connected to BigQuery (see instructions). We export events on a daily basis through an API. All the client needs to do is to create a server account (see instructions) and give us access — we need to output a JSON file and stream_id.

Amplitude is capable of exporting via API — from there we export all available events on a daily basis. The client needs to provide us with the API Key and Secret Key (see instructions). We can download events via HTTP or from AWS bucket S3.

We only need 2 types of events:

1. Screen transition events.

2. Conversion events for which our AI algorithms will be optimised: conversions, subscriptions, purchases, views or clicks on ads.

3. Clicks on the app’s main elements (optional)

More events will improve the quality of optimisation, but these two types of events are sufficient.

You can see the general dashboard for the app on the console homepage. The Retention report can be found in the Reports section. The console generates a weekly Retention report. The custom report provides all other metrics: mailing metrics (open, send, CTR metrics), a cohort report for all target events, and daily Retention. Output format: Google Sheets (can be converted to .csv)