Boost engagement and monetization
with push notifications powered by Machine Learning

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Leave laborious testing behind will automatically send customized notifications at the perfect moment


CTR is 2-4 times higher than trigger push notifications

Constant optimization by Machine Learning algorithms ensures your push channel effectiveness

Stay in touch with your users

Onboard, retain and grow your user base throughout the journey


Pump up those numbers!

Choose a metric to optimize and track its progress


No-code integration

Start now, without development

Integration with popular analytics platforms supported


3 weeks to launch

Our customer success team will help you set everything up and launch


Our cases



How much does ngrow cost?

The price is calculated based on the app’s monthly user base and subscribed modules. Using automated and personalized push notifications makes more effective than comparable tools, operated manually

When will I see results?

Starting results can be delivered from the first week. It takes 2 weeks to achieve the 10-20% impact on in-app conversions or retention.

How do I integrate ngrow SDK?

Ngrow does not require development and is connected to the client's analytical system. Preparation of a project for the start usually takes less than 3 weeks.

How effective is

The ngrow service offers 4 types of smart push machines: Onboarding, Retention, Conversion and a Monetize machine. I

Implementation of all 4 machines gives a 20% increase in Revenue and Retention. The effect is achieved due to the proprietary technology of smart optimization of push-mailings.

The metric for optimization can be defined individually for the project, usually these are: Retention, LTV, Conversion to target action, orders, etc.