About us

Who we are

We help mobile games and apps make enterprise-level user engagement with data-driven push notifications. Same day no SDK integration with Google Firebase, Amplitude, and other popular analytical platforms gives unprecedented simplicity and flexibility to product and marketing teams.

Powerful machine learning engine hyper-targets push notifications campaigns by adjusting timing, frequency, and message contents, helping apps be more contextual and retain more users.

Unlike other solutions, nGrow doesn’t require integrating an SDK, which shortens the implementation timeline by 99%.

nGrow – all-in-one for impactful push notifications

nGrow vs other push platforms

Use cases

nGrow adds significant value across various apps and games with different monetization models. Our expertise allows us to deliver consistent results when working with:

  • Mobile ads
  • Retention
  • In-app purchases
  • E-commerce and food delivery business models
  • Subscriptions


Alex Sergeev

CEO nGrow.ai

Marketing and analytics director 11+ years expertise

CMO Easter European IT ecosystem

Analytics&Marketing advisor of 40+ global apps

Marat Zhanabekov

CTO nGrow.ai

10+ years experience in Data science and Marketing

Ex. Acqusition analytics ScentBird

Master’s Degree in Computer Science