NGrow.ai project is to bring benefits of modern machine learning solutions to push notifications.Our idea is to boost apps revenue and retention with Ai push notifications that can be installed low-code way by integration with mobile analytical systems such as Google Firebase, Amplitude, Mixpanel etc.

SMB's want to setup push smart notifications with developing code for it. They don't want to explore vide functionality of push campaigners or deploying SDK's or hiring push CRM specialists. They want low-code/no-code solution that brings them good push notification experience for their users to drive Retention and Revenue, like Google UAC or Facebook ROAS in performance marketing, where campaigns are fully automatic.


Alex Sergeev

CEO nGrow.ai
Marketing and analytics director
10+ years expertise
$15B Valuation
Analytics&Marketing advisor
of 40+ global apps

Marat Zhanabekov

CТO nGrow.ai
10+ years experience in Data science and Marketing
Ex. Yandex(NASDAQ:YNDX) & ScentBird
Master’s Degree in Computer Science


Team Lead:
20+ years developing high load backend services for enterprise E-com projects
2 DE/Backend developers:
5+ years of expertise in building smart suggest engines
Aadil Mamujee
Advisor, Product Head Automattic, MBA Harvard
7+ experience in developing high-load solutions for one of the largest European DSP platforms
1 full-stack frontend developer:
5+ years of experience in building SPA’s and their backend
Alex Gazelius
Advisor, Dropbox Investor Principal, Index Ventures
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