nGrow is a push notifications intelligence platform driven by AI

We help apps to make enterprise-level user engagement via push notifications on top of

Google Firebase, Amplitude, and more than 10 analytical platforms.

Internal machine learning engine of nGrow.ai helps our customers personalize: time, frequency, and right text option for the push message, all of which allow apps successfully retain customers and comply iOS16+ and Android13+ requirements. Unlike other solutions, ngrow is a no SDK integrated platform and takes less than 1 hour to integrate in total.

We deliver significant added value to apps with different type of monetization, such as:

In-app ads

In-app purchases

e-commerce and food delivery business models



Alex Sergeev

CEO nGrow.ai
Marketing and analytics director
11+ years expertise
CMO Easter European IT ecosystem
Analytics&Marketing advisor
of 40+ global apps

Marat Zhanabekov

CТO nGrow.ai
10+ years experience in Data science and Marketing
Ex. Acqusition analytics ScentBird
Master’s Degree in Computer Science


Team Lead:
20+ years developing high load backend services for 100M users/day
Backend developers:
7+ years of expertise in building high-load DSPs
Aadil Mamujee
Advisor, Product Head Automattic, MBA Harvard
7+ experience in developing high-load solutions for one of the largest European DSP platforms
full-stack frontend developer:
5+ years of experience in building analytics tools
Alex Gazelius
Advisor, Dropbox Investor Principal, Index Ventures
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