Your Ultimate Checklist for Push Notifications!
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February 19, 2024

Your Ultimate Checklist for Push Notifications!

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90% push users in 2022-2023 subscribed to push notifications using mobile devices.While this is a great opportunity for apps to reach their audience and keep the conversations warm, don’t forget that this could sometimes translate to overuse - or underuse - of push notifications.

What is a Mobile App Push Notification, and How Does it Work?

Here’s a quick set of checks to ensure this doesn’t happen to your brand.

1. Is the segment too broad or too narrow? Is this message personalised to the user? (Common cues that will help you make this decision are things activities on the app, the user journey, preferences, and so on.

2. Is it short & clear? We suggest avoiding long or complicated texts.Think like the user. Would this excite me if I received it? If not, what put me off?

“We wanted to inform you about the latest updates to our app, including new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Your feedback has been invaluable in shaping these changes, and we appreciate your continued support. Please take a moment to explore the enhanced functionalities and let us know if you encounter any issues. We strive to provide you with the best user experience, and your satisfaction is our priority. Thank you for being a part of our community!”


"Exciting updates just dropped! 🚀 Explore new features and improvements in our app. Your feedback matters – let us know what you think! 📲 #UserExperience #AppUpdates"

3. What’s the goal of your push notification (ie informative, transactional)?Explain the differences. Create urgency, Get me excited, Create FOMO, Inform me about something, Educate me

4. Does it contain a clear CTA? There’s no point sending communication that will have no effect on the user. If you want the user to give you feedback, clearly ask them for it. If you want them to participate in a sale, encourage them to do so.Keep 1 goal, and communicate it well.

5. Is it contextual or personalised? Nobody wants to receive the same old text again and again.

6. Does it stand out visually? Example: rich media, customization (on Android devices), emojis (if appropriate)

7. Have similar messages gone out to the same users in the past week? If yes, what has changed now?

What is a Push Notification and Why Do They Matter?

Once you’re checking in all the boxes in the list, you’re all set to send your super amazing push notification.But things don’t stop here. You can get a lot of insights on your user behaviour such as what are the best times to send your communication? What makes the user click on the CTA? We’d love to chat and help you navigate this complex and effective world!

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