What genre of games could be impacted by push notifications?
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September 6, 2023

What genre of games could be impacted by push notifications?

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Push notifications have a way of impacting a multitude of gaming genres across the vastness of the gaming universe. Picture this: you're playing your favorite game, fully immersed in its world, when a push notification gently taps your senses, reminding you of an unfinished quest, an upcoming event, or a fellow gamer's challenge. Here are just a few gaming genres that can experience the cosmic impact of push notifications:

  1. Role-Playing Games (RPGs): Imagine receiving a push notification that your party members are awaiting your strategic move in an epic battle. Push notifications can remind players of quest updates, gear upgrades, or even story developments, keeping the RPG adventure alive even when the game isn't running.Example: <game name> started sending out push notifications to their users when one of the friends finished a quest. “Amanda has finished the quest and won a gold badge! Don’t fall behind!” This messaging saw a x% increase in daily active users.
  2. Strategy Games:Whether you're conquering kingdoms or managing resources, the right communication can alert you to events that require your strategic prowess. From building upgrades completing to attacks from rivals, these notifications keep your strategy game on point.example:”New arena unlocked! Check it out today and win your daily reward”
  3. MMORPGIn the cosmic arena of MMORPG, push notifications can summon you to join your team for a match, inform you about a friend's challenge, or remind you of an upcoming tournament, ensuring you never miss a chance to dominate.
    Mid-core games like Call of Duty: Mobile send out relevant push notifications with the intention of making intended engaged players spend more time on the game. This is done to drive in-app purchases.
    This is done with phrases like “Don’t miss out” or “Act before it’s too late” to create a sense of urgency.

In the universe of idle games, push notifications can nudge you when your resources are ready for collection or when your automated systems need your attention. Stay connected with your idle empire at all times. Here you need to keep the user excited and message the user when they are most likely to respond. Example: Cash Frenzy sends out notifications at different times so that that their game is played by people an hour before they went to sleep. This has a top-of-the-mind recall value thus increasing engagement by users.

Social and Casual Games: - casual games: puzzles, cards, casino games, gambling games
In the cosmos of social and casual games, push notifications can alert you with in-app game events for example when your friends such have sent you a gift, invite you to join a friendly competition, or remind you of in-game events. In the world of card battles, push notifications can inform you about upcoming tournaments, new card releases, or challenge opportunities, ensuring you stay in the card-slinging action. Other cases are free bonuses or spins, limited time offers/promos, daily rewards, and help to reactivate inactive playersExample: keeps track of people who are close to you in points but are advancing, and then sends you nudges to beat them and increase your score.

Chess is more fun with a friend! -

But this is just scratching the surface of the gaming world. How does this in-turn affect the revenue of your game? Or bring those Daily active users to the forefront?

  1. Don’t lose the user: Push notifications keep you informed about game updates, events, and new features. You won't miss out on limited-time offers, special events, or exciting content drops that might enhance your gameplay.
  2. Engage Anytime, Anywhere: Even when your spaceship isn't docked in the gaming realm, push notifications can beckon you back to your adventures. Get alerts about your turn in a multiplayer match or an unfinished quest that awaits your skillful touch.
  3. Never Miss a Challenge: Time-based gamesAre your allies waiting for your tactical move in a critical battle? Push notifications ensure you're always connected, keeping you engaged in competitive challenges and collaborations with fellow gamers.
  4. Quest for Rewards:Push notifications guide you to in-game achievements, milestones, or daily tasks that lead to valuable rewards. Don't let those precious treasures slip through the cosmic cracks!
  5. Social Interactions:Keep up with your gaming comrades through push notifications. Get invites to join friends in multiplayer sessions, notifications about friend requests, or even messages from fellow adventurers.
  6. Collect and Conquer:For fans of collectible games, push notifications notify you of new card releases, special card offers, and upcoming tournaments where you can showcase your mastery.
  7. Timely Boosts: - updates, new releasesReceive alerts about limited-time power-ups, boosts, or energy refills. Stay ready to seize opportunities that might give you the edge in battles or challenges.
  8. Exclusive Offers:Push notifications can unlock exclusive discounts on in-game purchases, giving you the chance to enhance your gaming arsenal or aesthetic at a cosmic bargain.
  9. Onboarding: Spend some time browsing through the game and understand how the game works, multi-step onboarding. What happens here is that the user starts getting invested in the game and increases the time spent on the game.