Unpacking Spotify's Personalized Recommendation Notifications
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February 6, 2024

Unpacking Spotify's Personalized Recommendation Notifications

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Spotify's personalized recommendation system is a cornerstone of its user experience, delivering a unique and engaging listening experience to millions of users worldwide. This article will explore the various notifications and features that Spotify employs to enhance its personalized recommendations, drawing from the company's official statements and announcements.

Sponsored Recommendations

Spotify offers sponsored recommendations, which allow users to discover new music from artists they love directly within the app. These recommendations can be turned off by tapping "Learn more" next to a sponsored track and then stopping them from showing for that artist or altogether.

Amplifying Artist Input in Your Personalized Recommendations — Spotify

New Podcast Episode Notifications

Users can receive push notifications when a podcast they follow releases a new episode. To enable this feature, go to the podcast show page, tap "Follow," and then switch "Get notified of new episodes on" to "On".

Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Made for You Mixes

These playlists are algorithmically generated to provide listeners with a personalized selection of music based on their listening history and preferences.

Enhance Feature

Enhance is a feature that helps users create playlists by suggesting personalized recommendations based on the tracks already in the playlist. Users can toggle this feature on or off with the tap of a button, and the recommendations will appear after every two tracks, for a maximum of 30 recommendations.

Artist and Label Input

Spotify has introduced a feature that allows artists and labels to promote new music by identifying songs that are a priority for them, which the Spotify algorithm will then take into account when determining personalized listening sessions.

Responsible Balancing of Personalized Recommendations

Spotify's personalized recommendations are a combination of human editorial expertise and machine learning, with a focus on ensuring a responsible and diverse listening experience. The company works closely with external partners and research communities to improve its personalized experience.


Spotify's personalized recommendation system is a complex and dynamic process that takes into account thousands of signals to deliver the right song for the right moment. The company's commitment to responsible and diverse recommendations is evident in its collaboration with human editorial expertise and external partners. With features like Enhance and artist and label input, Spotify continues to innovate and improve its personalized listening experience.