The Power of Timing: Scheduling Push Notifications for Holiday Shopping Success
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December 19, 2023

The Power of Timing: Scheduling Push Notifications for Holiday Shopping Success

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The holiday season is a crucial time for e-commerce businesses, and leveraging the power of timing can significantly boost sales and customer engagement. One effective way to do this is by scheduling well-timed push notifications to reach your target audience during the holiday season. Here are some strategies and examples to help you make the most of this marketing tactic:

Build Anticipation: Send holiday sale alerts weeks leading up to the main event, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation among your customers.

Share Exciting Offers: Promote special deals and discounts during the holiday season, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas sales.

New Product Alerts: Inform customers about new products that make great holiday gifts, encouraging them to explore your offerings.

Gift with Purchase: Offer holiday gifts to customers who make a purchase, making them feel special and appreciated.

Christmas Contest: Run exciting contests for Christmas, such as photo caption competitions or holiday-themed quizzes, to engage customers and encourage social sharing.

Extend Your Sale for Procrastinators: Increase your revenues by extending your sale for last-minute shoppers, targeting customers who may be struggling to find the perfect gift.

Festive Holiday Notifications: Send festive messages to your customers, wishing them a happy holiday and reminding them of your store's special offers.

Leverage FOMO (Fear of Missing Out): Use push notifications to create a sense of urgency or scarcity, such as informing customers about limited-time discounts or products that are almost out of stock.

Reduce Abandoned Carts: Alert customers about items they left in their shopping cart, reminding them to complete their purchases.

Reengage Inactive Customers: Target customers who haven't made a purchase in a while, sending them personalized offers or promotions to encourage them to return.

Remember, timing is crucial when it comes to holiday shopping success. By strategically scheduling push notifications, you can stay top-of-mind during the busiest time of the year and drive more sales.

Some brands that have done a fantastic job at these are:

Amazon: Amazon has used push notifications to promote its holiday deals and promotions, offering customers personalized recommendations and making it easy for them to add items to their cart.

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Target: Target has utilized push notifications to send personalized offers and coupons to its customers, encouraging them to visit the store or make a purchase online.

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Walmart: Walmart has used push notifications to promote its holiday sales and special offers, providing customers with last-minute deals and making it easy for them to find great gifts.

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Etsy: Etsy has leveraged push notifications to promote its handmade and unique gift ideas, showcasing personalized recommendations and inspiring customers to make a purchase.

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Sephora: Sephora has used push notifications to promote its Beauty Insider program, offering exclusive holiday deals and promotions to its loyal customers, encouraging them to make a purchase and earn rewards.

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