Segmented Offers: Tailoring Discounts and Promotions through Push Notifications
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December 13, 2023

Segmented Offers: Tailoring Discounts and Promotions through Push Notifications

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Segmented offers through push notifications have proven to be highly effective in engaging users and driving sales. By tailoring discounts and promotions based on user behavior and preferences, brands can significantly increase customer engagement and response rates. Segmentation allows for the delivery of highly relevant and personalized messages to individual users, increasing the chances of user engagement and avoiding irrelevant content.

Here are five brands that have used tailored push notifications to give you the right insiration:

Domino's Pizza: "Order now and get 50% off your pizza!"

Just got the first push notification of the week. Good luck all : r/Dominos

The Home Depot: "Get ready for fall with our seasonal sale - shop now!"

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H&M: "New arrivals in your size - shop now!"

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Nike: "New styles added to our sale - get them before they're gone!"

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Zara: “Funky sweaters on Sale - Keep warm as the temperature drops!”

These examples demonstrate the effectiveness of tailored push notifications in offering personalized incentives and driving customer action.

Segmented push notifications are vital for reaching the target audience and have been shown to increase open rates, reaction rates, and user engagement. They also help in recapturing inactive users and can be tailored to specific phases of the buyer journey, encouraging immediate action. Effective push notification marketing allows for extremely granular segmentation opportunities, so that brands can tailor their messaging to specific points in the customer journey to drive action.