Push Notification Design Best Practices You Need To Know!
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September 12, 2023

Push Notification Design Best Practices You Need To Know!

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Push notifications are a powerful tool for businesses to engage with their users, but designing effective push notifications requires careful consideration of visual and interactive elements. Here are some real-world examples of brands that have implemented push notification design best practices:

Personalization: Happier, a mental health app, sends personalized push notifications that encourage users to record their happy moments with a subtle promise that it will help lower their stress levels.

Urgency: Slack sends push notifications that are timely and urgent, such as reminders for upcoming meetings or deadlines.

Clear and concise copy: Airbnb uses short and scannable copy in their push notifications, making it easy for users to quickly understand the message.

Visuals: The New York Times uses images in their push notifications to grab users' attention and provide context for the story.

Emojis: Starbucks uses emojis in their push notifications to add personality and emotion to their messages.

Call-to-action buttons: Duolingo uses effective call-to-action buttons in their push notifications, such as "Practice now" or "Continue learning".

These examples demonstrate how businesses can use visual and interactive elements to create compelling push notifications that engage users and drive action. By following push notification design best practices, you can enhance the user experience and build stronger relationships with your users.