Personalisation in Push Notifications. Why are they crucial?
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October 19, 2023

Personalisation in Push Notifications. Why are they crucial?

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Personalization in push notifications is a powerful tool that can significantly impact a brand's relationship with its customers. When done right, personalized push notifications can boost app launches, engagement, and retention. They are more effective than generic notifications because they provide content that is relevant to users' interests and preferences, improving the user experience and fostering a long-term relationship with the user. However, there are instances when personalization may not make sense, and brands need to be cautious about how they implement it to avoid negative associations with their brand.

The Importance of Personalization in Push Notifications

Personalization in push notifications is crucial for several reasons:

  • Engaging User Experience: Personalized alerts are more likely to capture consumers' attention than generic ones, contributing to a more engaging user experience.
  • Relationship Building: Personalized alerts aid in the relationship between the company and its consumers. By delivering customized messages, businesses can express their appreciation and their willingness to tailor their services.
  • Increased Conversion Rates: Users are more likely to act when messages are relevant and timely, leading to higher conversion rates.

When Personalization Does Not Make Sense

While personalization can be highly effective, there are instances when it may not make sense:

  • Lack of User Data: If a brand does not have enough user data to personalize notifications effectively, it may be better to send generic messages rather than risk delivering irrelevant or incorrect information.
  • Sensitive Information: Brands should be cautious when personalizing notifications that contain sensitive information, such as financial or health-related data, to ensure privacy and security.
  • Overpersonalization: Sending too many personalized notifications can be overwhelming for users and lead to opt-outs or uninstalls. Marketers should leverage automation solutions to cap the number of messages each user receives.

Positive Impact on Consumers

Personalized push notifications can have several positive impacts on consumers:

  • Relevant and Timely Information: Users receive messages that are useful, personalized, and relevant to their needs and preferences, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Increased Engagement: Personalized messages are more likely to be opened and clicked, leading to higher engagement rates.
  • Tailored Offers and Recommendations: Users can benefit from personalized offers and recommendations based on their browsing and buying history, making their shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable.

Brands That Have Leveraged Personalization Well

Several brands have successfully leveraged personalization in their push notifications:

  • Bukalapak: This Indonesian e-commerce platform witnessed a 2.5x rise in click-through rates (CTR) through personalized engagement campaigns.
  • Bigbasket: The Indian online grocery delivery service uses Push Amplification to deliver personalized push notifications, enhancing user engagement and conversions.
  • Travelz: The travel website leverages 1:1 personalization to deliver highly contextual push notifications, resulting in better user experiences and increased conversions.
  • Oyo Rooms: The hospitality company also uses  Push Amplification to deliver personalized push notifications, improving user engagement and conversions.
  • Softonic: The software download and review website saw a dramatic increase in CTRs by personalizing their messaging for 100 different message segments.

These brands have effectively used personalization to deliver relevant and engaging push notifications, resulting in positive outcomes for both the consumers and the businesses.