How Does Ladder Keep it's Users and Push Notifications Fit?
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February 16, 2024

How Does Ladder Keep it's Users and Push Notifications Fit?

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To maintain user engagement and retain customers, Ladder strategically uses push notifications that follow best practices and cater to various user segments. Some notable examples include:

  • Personalized Announcements: Ladder sends personalized updates about newly released workouts, tailored to each user's fitness goals and workout history.
  • Time-Limited Offers: Ladder offers exclusive deals and promotions to incentivize users to complete workouts or try new programs.
  • Progress Updates: Ladder provides motivational feedback and progress updates to keep users engaged and committed to their fitness journeys.
  • Last Chance Reminder: Ladder sends a final reminder to users about upcoming events or expiring offers to prevent them from missing out.

These push notifications aim to foster engagement, build trust, and promote loyalty among Ladder's user base.

Key Elements of Effective Push Notifications

Based on current best practices, effective push notifications should:

  • Focus on Action: Prompt users to take immediate action, such as completing a workout or trying a new program.
  • Use Visual Appeal: Incorporate engaging images or icons to attract users' attention and convey the message clearly.
  • Personalize Content: Customize messages according to users' preferences, behaviors, and histories.
  • Target Specific Audience: Send notifications to relevant user groups to avoid spamming and irritating non-interested users.
  • Optimize Frequency: Carefully consider the number of notifications sent per user to strike a balance between engagement and annoyance.
  • Monitor Analytics: Regularly analyze engagement rates and user responses to adapt strategies and improve performance.

By applying these principles, Ladder ensures that its push notifications are relevant, engaging, and effective in driving user interaction and retention.

Ladder | Your Daily Workout Plan

Here are some templates to help you create effective push notifications!

1. 📣 New announcement from Ladder! Click to see the latest news from Ladder.
2. This week's workouts just DROPPED! 💥 🗓️ New workouts are here! Plan next week's workouts.
3. Is this for you? We won't bug you if our structured, strength-focused workouts aren't a fit. But if it is, your trial is active a couple more days!
4. ⌛️ Last chance... Today is your last chance to save 50% on all October training. Get results you can see and feel before the year is over!