Fireside chat with founders Part 2
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October 9, 2023

Fireside chat with founders Part 2

push opt-in

So the last episode was pretty exciting. ICYMI, here's the link:

Moving on, the next question is about utilizing push.

"Is ngrow only suitable for subscription based, IAP? Or we can also leverage ads revenue. I think this is a deal breaker for any freemium apps." - Tom

"So that's an interesting quesiont. All of the above are necessary to say here that we made only one particular case or one particular app category where push notification does not work at all. This is the subscription apps with the hard paywall on it. By saying hard paywall, I mean the paywall that is not allow you to pass through without a payment at the first screen. Push notifications can't change the situation on the very, very first interaction. Because simply we just didn't get a push notification permission from the user. So that is why we can't influence that model." - Marat

-All the rest categories, I mean subscriptions, conferences, premium apps or add monetized steps may use power of push notifications to just simply gain their metrics. Yes, that is true that industries or categories are having slightly different results.

So do you mean it works better on apps with high ltv?

"For example, those who generate revenue upon the user return, I mean those apps whose lifetime value relates to their long retention period, those apps get more from push notification and it's important to work with push notifications because this channel influences overall user lifetime. But if we speak about the subscription apps which you need economics related to the very first sessions or very first seven-day period, let's say it's a trial period, yeah, these apps also could benefit from the smart push notification campaigns in the multiple directions. The first direction is just simply evaluate the value of the subscription while trial period is active."

"Most of the users think that the functionality is full and the functionality will never end and suddenly after seven-day period, app requires to continue and proceed to the payment and they are simply not ready because they didn't feel the value app didn't explain the value of subscription that much and users are concerned about in that offer. Push notifications can help to communicate and explain the value of the subscription. It can influence up to 20% of incremental subscriptions and this is not all. Another push notification campaign that requires some real-time basis, actually the functionality that we are releasing in the recent updates. So real-time push notification can be helpful leveraging paywall pricing experiments."

Normally subscription have a fixed price, are you suggesting a more flexible pricing?

"Let's say we want to offer $50 annual subscription and this is the sweet spot for us but of course for some users it's too much and it's too expensive. So ngrow prediction models can evaluate the estimation of the perfect pricing spot for that particular user based on the trial behavior, I mean based on first session behavior. And then we can push a user a message with the promotional text with deep link to the paywall and this push notification can be very useful to convert those users whose conversion is not very likely to happen."

So this is several examples where subscription apps could benefit from the push notifications.

Setting up push notification campaigns, it's important to say that setting up efficient push notification campaign is very time consuming by several reasons.

So default firebase or default server side or in-app push notification are unmanageable, just simply because you don't recognize the statistics tool or statistics visualization of your changes.

Let's say you code three notifications a day related to the game events through your firebase remote config or for your mobile app or mobile game. And it just simply arrays the method with the push notifications and erase the method show notifications when, for example, two relayment starts happen. But like here that you're not measuring anything on your side, it's just simply pushing your users and on our expertise. Most of the real time or in-app push notifications have been called that way failed because they influence their own direction with their very unnecessary words in the push notification top body and title.

-Most of the game developers can sustain the continuous interactions with their analyzing creating, and making adjustments to raise that efficiency.

To summarize what I already said, it's very complicated for the game developers to set up segmentation capabilities based on the user behavior also. Make user segments different and try to understand what approach, what frequency, what particular message resonates exact sample of the audience.