Fireside chat with founders Part 1
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September 29, 2023

Fireside chat with founders Part 1

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Hey there! We're so excited to present to you a fireside chat with the founders of discussing all the most asked questions, industry insights, and more in the gaming industry.

This chat is hosted by Tom, product manager of, in conversation with's CEO Alex, and industry expert Maratz ex CMO from Donut Lab.

Today, our team will be answering the most common questions from game developers regarding push notifications and discussing the impact of ngrow within the mobile game and app industry.

But first things first. What is nGrow?

So the first thing is that we are AI driven push notification platform that drives app and game retention and monetization metric by leveraging smart way sending push notification campaigns. - Alex, CEO,

What can nGrow help game developers with?

1. First, the setup very quickly and lean, precise and personalized push notification campaigns that will drive ROI metrics and engagement metrics by retaining users through push notification.

2. We help to measure push notifications on a segment and user level

3. So every push notification campaign, no matter if it’s activation for the campaign of new users or retargeting campaign that drives churned users back or it's some trigger based push notification campaign.‍

Q by Tom: "That sounds cool. Can you explain in detail the impact of AI here. Because I see a lot of click bait push messages like your friend is calling you, it could arguably be AI but it is very annoying.

"‍We use global and local control groups for that purpose and it's a powerful tool for game developers to just measure how the actual push notification campaign influences their revenue and retention for the exact segment of the users audience. - Alex

1. Leveraging ngrow push notifications helps mobile app and game developers not just only set push campaigns but also generate very precise and very interesting push notification texts and creatives that inspires users to return more efficiently and more interesting way.

2. We use lots of generative AI technologies to sync the game, let's say scenario, with their exact push notification title, body and image."So to summarize what we have, we are very smart and easy to install platform that uses AI to leverage all the controls that relate to the push notification channel. Also combined with the AI generated content that improves interest of the users and make the push notification fresh and very clickable."

Q by Tom: The first question is from the user acquisition pov. So Maratz are there any challenges from Donut Lab perspective? Especially for do users who have just installed the game.

Maratz: "Push notification campaigns help user acquisition in multiple directions."

1. The first and most obvious one is converting low interest users to high interest users or you can call it low/high probability to retain.

2. We use predictive models to predict and determine what will happen the user from the very first session.

3. If the algorithm says that this user will never convert and will never pay, we run multiple notifications from the day zero, including some promotional offers, some formal tactics, we send lots of notification because this user might not ever return. And this is why it's important to catch this user from the day zero.

"This is the first way. So the second way we help user acquisition is influencing the retention.There is no doubt that Google Play and Android and iOS is analyzing every mobile app retention metrics and engagement metrics. And as high retention you get, the more position you've gained. If the game is sticky, if the game session is long, it's simply related to the position or rank in the category."

- So the related effect from push notification is that the game increase that retention also increase its rank in Google Play and App Store.

- Most of the apps that use push notification properly get higher ranks than those who doesn't.Whoops! Looks like we have reached the end of this conversation.

If you'd like to catch the full video of episode 1, here's the link! Stay tuned for episode 2 soon!