How Modern Warships drive +27% revenue with AI- driven push notifications

Purchases per user +32%
Revenue +27%
+34% better 7 day retention

About Modern Warships

Modern Warships is a massive warfare & real-time naval battles PvP midcore game. All game models are made strictly according to the drawings and look like real ships. The game features a wide range of over 80 battle machines and offers customisation with 200+ weapons, missiles, rockets, and other extra content. Top-notch graphics with detailed ship models and effects are and optimised for a broad range of devices.

ngrow perfectly understands how to engage our users with push notifications for better performance
Philipp  Mischenko
Artstorm VP/CBDO
Purchases per user
More revenue
Better 7 day retention


Artstorm, a successful video game company known for Mobile Warship and flight simulators, with over 80 million downloads and 700 000 active daily, reached a point in their growth where it became imperative that they set up proper user engagement experiences within their platforms, which would allow them to not only increase their revenues, but also maximize the efficacy of their communication activities. From their perspective, they knew they needed a solution that allowed them to stay lean, but simultaneously deliver maximum efficiency.

Their solution requirements included:

An immediate impact on revenue and player engagement

No heavy SDKs, leading to long development and implementation phases

No additional hires to the marketing team

Push notification text copywriting, segmenting, trigger adjustments and real-time multivariate testing

Research into the solutions offered by the market were not very promising as the vast majority of solution providers offered a multichannel all-in-one approach and toolbox that bypassed many of their internal requirements and delivered little in the way of proven results. Additionally the multichannel approach solutions required heavy SDK integration and internal development processes, needed long implementation phases, and indicated the need to increase the number of marketing team members in order to effectively manage the various channels proposed.

The Solution

Prior to partnering with ngrow, Artstorm experienced a lack of push notifications support for their Modern Warships user base. Additionally, it was difficult to segment users based on their value or frequency of game play, and it was challenging to maintain freshness of push notification text. Their general experience was that it could take weeks or even months to implement all the necessary changes that turn communication into success conversion rates and in-app purchases. Additionally, they experienced the challenge of how to best measure the results of the changes that they implemented.

It wasn’t until Artstorm engaged with ngrow that they were able to find a solution that not only delivered on all their requirements, but far exceeded them.

With ngrow, Artstorm was able to create highly efficient push notification engagement campaigns leveraging the power of A.I. and whole data stored via Google Firebase. nGrow’s smart push notifications afforded Artstorm the ability to run hundreds of multivariate real-time A/B tests to improve notifications results, adapt to what the players wanted in each moment, and make the player experience completely smooth throughout their user journey.

Small team’s aren’t an obstacle for AI-driven user engagement

With ngrow’s direct Firebase integration, Modern Warships’ development and marketing team experienced immediate impact through the ease of integration on the platform. The speed at which they could start engaging through push notifications made the user journey exponentially more efficient and smooth, and resulted in the company increasing their revenue by 27%.

Market-Leading Technology

At ngrow, we help small and medium sized game development businesses scale to enterprise levels. Combining CRM best practices with AI models trained on 3B+ data points, makes our solution one-of-a-kind. Additionally, we leverage a multi-armed bandit approach to make text adjust for each user segment.

For example, it is imperative for Modern Warships to convert an onboarding player into an ‘activated’ player quickly. This however, requires them to have the knowledge of how to enter a battle, take part in regular competitions, and collect a Reward of the Day. To achieve this, our real-time exploration engine tested multiple notification texts for each step of the onboarding process in order to deliver the precise configuration that made onboarding simple and efficient.

Transparent Results

A randomly sampled control group helps ArtStorm understand all their chosen metrics directly on Google Firebase / Google Big Query. Which means that they have full control and full measurement visibility of the engagement results of their push notifications, these include:

Impact on revenue

Impact on Retention

Conversion rates of each product funnel

Push notifications subscription %

Volume of Ad-rewarded video shows and amount of reward

The result is that the Artstorm team can access all their key metrics instantly and integrate them into their internal dashboards seamlessly.

Individual customization for each customer

In most cases, multichannel service providers do not support the whole cycle of CRM/engagement marketing, from push notification text creation to the post analysis and tune recommendations. ngrow however, does support each customer on the highest enterprise level, for Artstorm this support included:

Have a SaaS platform

Content (text) creation

Helping with segmentation and policies

Smooth data integration

Analytics, benchmarks and research concerning user engagement from push notifications


Just within few weeks, Artstorm was able to reach attractive 27% of revenue increase. To the big extent, this was achieved by recognising new push notification capabilities of Android 13+ and IOS 16.

Whether creating push notifications sequences, could be difficult and time consuming, ngrow allows to launch this process without coding and measure results in 3-4 weeks.

Transparency and simplicity of the platform significantly impacted Modern Warship game on Android and now, Artstorm is connecting the iOS version, expecting similar results.

Purchases per user
More revenue
Better 7 day retention